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Talks Given In 2020 And Earlier

Rachel Speaking At DUUGFest 2022

Speaking At DUUGFest 2022

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This page lists all the talks given by me in 2020 or earlier.


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Developer Developer Developer - Accessibility - A .NET developer's perspective

Accessibility and inclusive design benefits all users; building accessible products and services isn't just a checkbox exercise or a legal requirement, it makes them inclusive.

In this talk Rachel will explore and demonstrate why accessibility is important for consumers and users; why the whole development team should consider accessibility and inclusion. Rachel will also share some tips and also demo tools that will aid in accessibility testing.

The talk is available on YouTube.

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DUUGFest 2020 - Update on making the Umbraco BackOffice Accessible

The talk was given alongside Danny Lancaster and Mike Masey.

An update on the progress the community have been making on creating an accessible Umbraco BackOffice

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  • Leeds Sharp - Accessibility - A .NET developer's perspective.
  • Dot Net North - Accessibility - A .NET developer's perspective.
  • London Umbraco Meetup - Making Umbraco Accessible.
  • Candid Contributions CodePatch - Making Umbraco Accessible.


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  • MaccTech - Hackathons