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Rachel Breeze

Squad Lead @ Nexer Digital, Umbraco and .NET Developer, Speaker

Microsoft MVP, 4 x Umbraco MVP, meetup organiser and occasional scuba diver

Upcoming Talks

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Umbraco Spark - Accessibility: Building and Deploying Accessible Sites

Date: Friday 8th March, 2024

Location: M Shed, Bristol

Accessibility and inclusive design benefits all users; building accessible products and services isn't just a checkbox exercise or a legal requirement, it makes them inclusive. This talk will explore an approach to building websites that helps ensure that they are accessible from the start. From design and build to deployment. The talk will focus on the development and build approach, looking at the functionality available in Visual Code and Visual Studio to provide automated accessibility testing. There will also be a demo of tools available in Azure DevOps to help test accessibility as part of the process. We will also understand why automated testing only forms part of building accessible sites.

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